Everything Is F*cked. Or is it?

In his international best-selling book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*cK, Mark Manson wrote of a unique approach to self-development. His belief was simple; it is okay to not be okay, it is okay to not know and to be comfortable in it. He showed us how technology has masked our reality, and how our sense of perception has been altered leading us to be concerned for all the wrong things.

If Mark Manson, in his previous book, made you question what you know about happiness, his latest release ‘Everything Is F*cked’, will help you get rid of your perception of what you know about the world and yourself. He will take you through a journey of introspection and reach out to your vulnerable self; leaving you to evaluate how you really feel about yourself and the world. He will breakdown all that you know about hope and then tell you why, it is still okay to hold on to it knowing that the world is nothing but full of pain and sadness.

He will teach you, in his own humorous way and well researched knowledge – taken from the philosophy of Nietzsche and Tom Waits – how you can latch on to that one glimmer of light, no matter how dim it gets.
Mark, in his book, Everything is F*cked writes about how and why we, as humans, hold on to religion as a harbinger of hope. He tells us why we need to be kinder to ourselves and the only way we can do so is by understanding our vulnerably honest selves.

Starting with an anecdote of a hero in his own time, he emphasizes that throughout history, every generation has had the worst and the best of everything. Yet humanity was still thriving. Similarly, the world has a lot to give in this day and age. The advancements in technology and the surplus luxuries around us speak for themselves. Yet, there is a looming cloud of hopelessness over us, and even so, it is completely unnecessary to feel this way.

To conclude, if the reader’s mind is a coffee mug, Mark puts in well-roasted beans of hard facts and anecdotes, a warmth of humanity, gives it a good stir and serves us a hot cup of epiphanies brimming with hope. If you want to find a reason to hold onto hope, then this is it.

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