Nothing Ventured -A Detective’s Battle Against Criminal Nemesis

The master of storytelling, Jeffery Archer is back again, crafting engaging plots, and intense twists with his latest thriller, Nothing Ventured. It is an intriguing story about a detective and is a treat for all Archer’s fan. But if you don’t happen to be a very big fan already, don’t worry, this book will make you one.

The story revolves around William Warwick, who although born with a silver spoon in his mouth is determined to establish his own strong footing. He does everything he can to resist his father’s repetitive attempts to make him follow their familial footsteps. And after a series of interesting twists and turns, William declares independence from his father’s wishes and pursues his own calling as a detective. And that’s when his fateful tryst with Beth Rainsford begins.

While unravelling the mystery of a missing antique piece at the gallery as an undercover agent, William falls in love with Beth hopelessly. But Beth has a secret of her own which she’s terrified will come to light. However, as William becomes more attached to Beth Rainsford, he cannot resist his urge to untangle yet another mystery. A brilliant launching plot for a spectacular series, Archer does not disappoint readers with this piece.

The novel depicts William’s both personal and professional aspects, adding passion in each to develop an engaging and larger story. And Archer’s ability to develop strong characters and yet keep the story simple and enthralling will keep you wanting for more. There are many cliffhangers that will perhaps be continued in the succeeding novels of this series. But this novel, for sure is full of twists and tragedies and hence it is safe to say that William Warwick is destined to become one of Jeffrey Archer’s most enduring legacies.

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