Hercules DJ Control Instinct S series; give the musician in you the beat it needs!

Do you dream of becoming a phenomenal DJ? Then the new Hercules DJ Control Instinct S series is just for you! For more than 30 years now, Hercules has been devoting its energy to designing audio solutions for people who love music — just like you! And the new DJ Control Instinct S series brings you a whole new set of features that lets you start mixing your melodies and tunes in an instant. You can mix your favorite tracks in a matter of minutes, thanks to its full range of audio outputs and the touch-sensitive jog wheels which allow you to scratch your tracks without any latency.

You can perfect your sounds with the samples and especially the Hot Cue mode. Also, The DJUCED™ 18° software caters to all your DJ goals. If you are a beginner and wish to explore the world of DJ-ing, this product is just what you need right now. Its compact and ergonomic design allows you to accommodate it right about anywhere and everywhere. Its elegant and refined design consists of professional A refined design with a premium look featuring eye-catching decks, a brushed-finish mixer, and quality materials.

The blue backlighting displays the status of the different controls, making it easier to use the controller and understand everything you’re doing. Its integrated built-in audio interface caters to the stereo mini-jack output for active speakers. It consists of 2 controls per deck the touch-sensitive jog wheels also have a scratch mode. These jog wheels control navigation within the tracks. You can find 4 modes per dec, these are Loop, FX, Sample, and Hot Cue. Now, for those of you who find these words difficult to understand, there is an easy-to-learn manual as well! The shift button allows you to transcend seamlessly with the functions provided. The dedicated Sync, Cue and the obvious play/pause button allows you to navigate in a much simpler manner. DJ-ing requires the skills of” fading” on time and equalizing the tracks rightly. The 1 volume fader per deck and a crossfader, allows you get the tracks just right to keep the party going.

The best part about the console is that it does not depend heavily on system requirements in a computer to run. A computer with 1 GB RAM and a 100 MB of hard drive space is more than enough for the software to run. And having amplified stereo speakers and headphones is a given, because one can’t really be a DJ without those, can they?

Cheers to Hercules for being fully committed to supporting your dream of learning the tricks of DJing, making progress and above all, having a blast while you’re at it! It’s your turn now to become the superstar you have envisioned yourself as. So, go on and grab a DJ Hercules console today. They are available across all Landmark stores.

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