Our Gifting Guide: Summer Love 2020

Gone are the days of the winter chill. The sky will blaze blue and the sun will be a celebration of yellow, summer 2020 is right around the corner. Of warm breeze, vibrant colours and summer adventures, the season of love is upon us. This summer, gift your loved ones something they will truly treasure, something they can call #myhappyplace.

The book lover:

book loverWith longer days and plenty of sunshine, summer is a great time to catch up on reading. Indulge the bookworm in your loved ones by gifting them the latest book releases. Or help them unwind after a long day at work with books from their favourite author. Choose from a variety of books, from fiction and non-fiction to classic literature to inspirational autobiographies. If you have school-going kids, surprise them with a book-basket gift on their first day of summer vacations. It’s a great way to encourage them to read and you wouldn’t have to worry about them getting bored!

 The adventure seeker:

adventure seekerCome summer and they’re off on a vacation. Whether in the mountains or in Europe, everyone creates memories in the summers. Gift them these awesome photo frames to preserve these memories forever. Not only do photo frames have a unique nostalgic feel about them, but they also brighten up any living space. Added bonus- unlike other gifts, these frames will be looked at, every day and you will always be remembered as the one who gifted them. Check out some awesome frames at Landmark, specially designed to suit the breezy, fun summer vibe!

The writer:

WriterSummer is the best time to write, isn’t it? The mind as clear as the blue sky, ideas radiating like the rays of the sun. But with the advent of technology and the rise in popularity of social media, writing is a lost art. Gifting a pretty notebook to your loved ones is the perfect motivation for them to start writing. Use summer vacations as the perfect time to encourage your kids to write. Or gift a notebook to your friend going on a vacation to capture their experiences in words. What’s more, now your writer friends can wrap their thoughts in fur! These super cute notebooks in funky and furry covers would be a perfect gift for a notebook lover.

The summer recluse:

summer recluseWell, not everyone enjoys summer. Some prefer to stay in the comfort of their homes with the air conditioner on full blast. We have just the gift for them! These adorable plushies are perfect to cuddle with when you prefer the warmth of soft toys to that of the sun. These cute, cuddly and fun-filled toys are liked by everyone, whether they are adults or kids.


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