Women’s Day Special: A Gifting Guide for the women in your life

womens day gifts

“Where there is a woman, there is magic”, someone once said. We couldn’t agree more. 

This International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the magic they bring into our lives. We all know these women who juggle a million things, handle an extreme amount of stress and yet stay calm, strong and inspiring to all the people around them. They are simply amazing, aren’t they?

A gift is a great way to tell them how much you value their presence in your life. We’ve curated a special gifting guide for you to choose the right gift for the women you adore and are proud of. 

For the coffee lover:

coffee mugs

Mornings are the craziest part of the day for most women. From making sure that everyone is up and about to finish up the chores in record time, women work themselves to frenzy! Here’s our chance to make their mornings a bit calm by encouraging them to take some time out and relax with a cup of their favorite drink. Be it coffee, tea or hot chocolate, Landmark has an amazing array of mugs that is sure to bring a smile of their face before the day starts.

For the fashionista:  

women fashion accessories

Got an Instagrammer friend? Gift her a piece of jewelry and see the joy on her face! Pick up jewelry that will make her stand out of the crowd. From playful tassels to layered necklaces, there is something to suit everyone’s style. The contemporary designs and fun colours of these jewelry pieces can be mixed and matched or layered to create unique fashion accessories. 

For the dreamer:

special note book

Know a woman who is a romantic at heart and loves to write poems? Gift her a special notebook to preserve her beautiful thoughts. Foster her imagination and creativity and make the world a happier place for her. The amazing collection of notebooks at Landmark is a perfect motivation to start writing, be it for work or leisure. 

For the adventurer:


A backpack for every adventure she embarks on. A trip to the bargain market or a solo trip to Europe, a backpack can be the most essential accessory. Gift her a backpack to celebrate the strong, independent woman that she is and encourage her to set out on her own adventures.

For the busy-bee:

sports accessorie

Women can rarely afford to take time out for themselves. It is our duty to encourage them to stay healthy and fit. And there is no better way of motivating them than by achieving the goal together. Whether you prefer hitting the gym, the pool or taking Zumba lessons, exercising together is also a great way to bond. So, check out our wide range of sports accessories and get fit together! 

Bonus tip: Set up some healthy eating competitions to have fun while getting fit!

For the special someone:

string lights

All women deserve to be applauded for the hard work they do to make our lives better. Show her your appreciation and express your love for her by surprising her this Women’s Day! Decorate the house with string lights and turn your home into a romantic paradise. See the expression on her face when she comes back home from work! 

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