30 must try board games

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Much before the digital era, indoor games were defined very differently. We are talking about the age where playing did not require a store and audio cassettes were not antique. As Landmark is stepping into its third decade, let’s talk about some games from the last three decades which are as fresh as wet paint in our childhood memories.

  1. Phase 10
  2. Ticket to ride
  3. Catan
  4. Sequence
  5. Hungry hippos
  6. Fantastic gymnastics
  7. Bounce off
  8. Rubik’s void
  9. Anti-monopoly
  10. Switcheroo
  11. Blokus
  12. Wethead
  13. Mysterium
  14. Scattergories
  15. Air hockey
  16. Nerf nitro
  17. Pictopiea
  18. Dobble
  19. Cluedo
  20. Risk
  21. Battleship electronic
  22. Topple
  23. Flipping out
  24. Head or tales
  25. Name 5
  26. University games – smart ass
  27. Upwords
  28. Go to the head of class
  29. Speed cube
  30. Deco frenzy


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