5 Beach Essentials that You Must Pack Along with a Good Sunblock!

The season of vibrant marigolds, flip-flops, and frosty sips is here! It’s the start of summer and hot days also call for a beach vacation. Keeping a few necessities within your grasp can make your beach trip as enjoyable and relaxing as you plan. We have rounded up an assortment of 5 beach essentials that totally deserve to go with you on the vacation.

Keep your memories alive

When you look back to a vacation, you don’t count the places you had visited or the miles you had crossed, you reflect on the moments that still count. So, taking photos is essential. Bringing a retro feel to this experience, the easy-to-use instant-print cameras are the new travel staples. Available in a wide range of bright colors, these cute looking lightweight Instax cameras save you from the troubles of hashtags, trolls, and buying expensive postcards at the gifts shops.

Pick up something smarter

Traveling with giant size wheeled suitcases isn’t always a great idea. Preferably, your travel gear should be big enough to carry all your extra shoes and outfits, sturdy enough to bear the journey, and chic enough to separate you from the crowd. There’s an array of in-style duffle bags for every budget, and they serve all the purposes. Cool or classic, a reasonably sized, water-resistant, lightweight and heavy-duty duffle bag is ideal for beach holidays.

Stay hydrated

Carrying a few indespensable items in your bag when you are hitting the road on a sunny day is ever important. A water bottle, for instance, can make or break a holiday. Insulated, slip-resistant, non-toxic, and shatterproof water bottles are always the best for outdoors. With a wide variety of colors and shapes, these bottles are portable oases that you must not forget to pack this summer.

Add books to rejuvenate

Vacations come with a lot of free time so, you can use this period to smile and cry with fictional stories or raise your hope with inspiring stories. From romantic classics to biographies, you have an array of choices for a fascinating beach read. Choose something that helps you to get into vacation mode the moment you flip to the first page.

Bring music to the beach

Whether you are planning a day out at the beach or heading for a long vacation, your favorite playlist needs to be with you. With portable wireless speakers, traveling with wanderlust-inspiring music tracks has just got easier. Smaller in size, these speakers come in all sizes and colors and play music louder than you’d imagine. With plenty of budget options, these speakers are a beach essential for contemporary travelers.

Briti Bose

Briti Bose is a freelance writer, who enjoys home cooked meals, stories that aren’t true, but movies based on real life crimes, and being with people who laugh a lot.

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