Malcolm Gladwell’s latest book ‘Talking To Strangers’ is an absolute delight

Malcolm Gladwell is well-known for bringing in an intellectual angle to everyday subjects. In his first book, The Outliers, he wrote about K. Anders Ericsson’s 10,000-hour rule – which says that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. This theory caused quite a ruckus in various circles and people were testing this theory out far and wide. Gladwellians are quite popular now among many academic circles.

Gladwell has always been the kind of writer who brings forth the truth with hard-hitting facts. Talking To Strangers is one such book that gives you the harsh reality of the world, with facts new and old, making one realize how and why we are, the way we are.  He bottles everything down to one theme – how we can be kinder and more thoughtful to people even though we do not have a direct or a personal connect with them.

He introduces the book in a way one would not want to keep the book down! He starts off by saying why the book was necessary to be written. And then he goes on to make us ponder upon who we, as humans, really are and how we have lost the ability to empathize if not sympathize with the people we are surrounded with. By this, he talks about people we hear of, in the news. People who have been slapped by the wrong side of justice. He describes historical encounters and scenarios that takes you on a path of revelations and realizations as to how relevant those times are even today in terms of our actions towards strangers.

Gladwell’s latest book is a simple, most effective moment of truth that we all needed to be reminded of, something that we might just have forgotten while getting by with our own lives. Malcolm Gladwell sets out to explain why we do what we do. And this understanding is what we all needed.

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