A review of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Wrecking Ball by Jeff Kinney

‘An unexpected inheritance gives Greg Heffley and his family a chance to make big changes to their house, but they soon realize that home improvement isn’t a cakewalk. Once the walls come down, all sorts of problems start to crop up. Rotten wood, toxic mold, unwelcome critters, and something even more sinister make Greg and his family wonder if the renovations are worth the trouble. When the dust finally settles, will the Heffley family be able to stay or will they need to get out of town?’ reads the book’s blurb.

Authored by the #1 international bestselling author-cartoonist Jeff Kinney, Wrecking Ball is the 14th book of ‘The Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ series which released earlier this month. All the books from this series are filled with hand-written notes and simple drawings of Greg Heffley, the main character around whom the series revolves.

It’s a story of young Greg, an awkward middle-schooler, and his many misadventures with his family and friends. The books are presented from Greg’s perspective in a diary format—his various entries narrate each story and are accompanied by rudimentary cartoons that add to both the humor and absurdity of the tale.

Since the release of the online version in 2004, most of the books have garnered positive reviews and commercial success. The book became an instant hit, and the online version received about 20 million views as of 2009. Nonetheless, many online readers requested a printed version; Kinney agreed, and in April 2007, Diary of a Wimpy Kid was published. Till date, 14 Wimpy Kid books have been released, along with 1 do-it-yourself book, 2 movie diaries, and a spin-off. In 2009, TIME named Jeff Kinney one of The World’s Most Influential People. According to a report by Publishers Weekly, the cover and title reveal of the new book are part of a social media influencer campaign. As of January 2019, more than 200 million copies have been sold globally in 62 languages worldwide.

In book 14 of the series, a major focus has been laid on Greg’s interactions with his family. This means no bullies to bother him at school since he’s too busy with chores most of the time. He’s also been portrayed as a mean person to his best friend Rowley, drawing kids’ attention to the relevance of the character. Violence is mild, with the funeral of a great-aunt; talk of ghosts, zombies, and a scary monster in the drain (with pictures of what Greg imagines). This book does a great job in portraying Greg’s character at his best, which is creative and resourceful rather than mischievous.

There’s so much for kids to enjoy in the crisp 224 pages of Wrecking Ball that they will find it increasingly difficult to put down the book. To conclude, one can say that this book was worth the time and hype and it’s out in Landmark stores now, so grab your copy today.

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