Nerf Alpha Strike Blasters; a glorious elevation from the previous editions.

Ace shooters, Nerf gun fans and their parents, behold! The latest version of blasters from “Alphastrike” is here and it is already getting rave reviews by the fans. Deemed perfect for multi-player challenges, Alpha Strike Blasters is an awesome way to delve into the adrenaline-pumping Nerf battles. But if you or your children are new to the game, then fret not! The blasters from Nerf series are super easy to play, so first-time users can try their hands at it easily, without any hassle. As for the existing Nerf fans; these blasters make a great addition to your Nerf collection.

Unlike other series, this Alpha baster series do not seem to feature any sort of accessory attachment points; such as tactical rails. The blasters have a yellow and orange color scheme, similar to that of the standard N-strike color scheme. Quite interestingly, this series seem to bear a striking resemblance to Zuru’s X-shot brand of dart blasters.

Some of the blasters from the Nerf Alpha strike series are:

Fang QS-4

The fang in the Alpha strike series is a single-blaster with a capacity of four darts loaded via the front. Its handle is located on the back of the fang and resembles those of external mechanism blasters. The Fang is a bit similar to the Zombie Strike Quadrot due to its similar priming mechanism and capacity.

Cobra RC – 6

The Cobra is a revolver-style blaster that features a rotating cylinder in the front, holding up to six Elite Darts at a time. In the end, there’s a plunger rod priming handle similar to the ones found on external mechanism blasters. The external shell is composed of four parts; one on the grip, two over the internals, and one as decoration. The Cobra can be disassembled without the use of a screwdriver.

Lynx SD-1

The Lynx SD-1 comes under the Nerf Alpha Strike series that comes packaged in several blaster sets which cannot be purchased separately. The Lynx is a break-open, pump-action blaster with a single barrel inside. There is no lock present which prevents the Lynx’s break-action barrel from not being opened. It also features six dart holders on its integrated shoulder stock. Unlike the Zombie Strike Sledge Fire, the break-action is purely for loading darts, whereas the blasters priming mechanism is pump-action.

Stinger SD-1

The Stinger SD-1 is small and portable, it’s great for stealth battles and fast-moving games. The blaster is easy to use and fires 1 dart at a time. Just load 1 dart into the barrel, pull the handle to prime and press the trigger to fire. This dart doesn’t require any batteries. This Stinger comes with 8 official Nerf Elite darts for multiple reloads. The Nerf darts are tested and approved for performance and quality and are constructed of foam with flexible and hollow tips.

Go ahead and get your kids Alpha Strike blasters from Nerf, the no. 1 blaster brand. The collection is available at your nearest Landmark store, so come, explore!

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