Brighten up your home with string lights

Oh, the pretty sight of string lights! The world is finally realizing that string lights don’t just need to come out of the carton on festivals. The trend of using string lights all year round is quickly picking up and rightly so. They are simple yet gorgeous and can suit any type of home, whether a tiny city apartment or a massive villa. They can be used to accentuate your home décor without breaking the bank for expensive decorative accessories. They have a soft, cozy glow that is sure to lift up anyone’s mood after a hard day’s work. And the best part, they can be easily set up indoors as well as outdoors. Here are some easy ways of brightening up your home with strings lights, at any time of the year.

Cozy up the bedroom:

Bedroom decor

Looking to create a romantic ambience in the bedroom? String lights can instantly turn any room into a charming, intimate paradise. One of the easiest ways is to hang up the lights near the ceiling and extending them to the entire room. Another way to give your bedroom a dreamy look by using string lights to create a fake headboard for your bed. Get creative with its shape and size and you’ll end up with your own piece of art. You can also use an empty wall to arrange the lights in the shape of a heart and surprise your partner one fine evening!

Jazz up the living room:

string lights

The thing about string lights is that you can literally just hang them anywhere and they’ll look pretty. Whether you want to highlight just a nook in your room or use up the entire wall, string lights can add a whimsical element to any place. If you use sheer curtains, then adding string lights to them is sure to glam up space. If there are no curtains then you could add a sparkly touch by framing the windows with string lights. You can accent the TV with string lights too. Either hang them over it on the wall or cover the TV unit with them. Try hanging strings lights in a zig-zag pattern and use a tiny clothespin to attach photos and other cute things to bring your gallery wall to life!

Spruce up the garden:

Garden decoration

Simply adding a few strands of string light to your balcony or garden will tempt to you spend your entire evenings there. A good motivation to get some fresh air, isn’t it? The best thing about string lights is that you don’t need much space to use them for decoration. So, even if you have a tiny balcony, go ahead and add some magic by hanging the lights on the railing. Or you can hang it on the ceiling over the balcony to make it illuminated. If you have a garden with a tree, wrapping the tree with string lights is a good way to add some sparkle into your outdoor space.

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