Quench your thirst this summer with quirky bottles & sippers

Water. A transparent, tasteless, odorless and nearly colourless chemical substance. As boring as it sounds, it is one of the most vital elements for the existence of life on earth. But who says drinking water has to boring? Whether you’re planning to sweat it out at the gym or in the park this summer, we’ve taken up the task of keeping you hydrated with super cool bottles and sippers.

Cool bottles & sippersWe played with shapes, colour, and design to give you the best drinking experience. With so many choices, we’re sure you’ll find something that suits your style wonderfully.

trendy bottlesMonochrome black sophistication for those who go to the office. These trendy and sleek bottles perfectly complement your corporate attire and accessories. Also ideal for those who prefer a minimalist style.

motivational flasks & bottlesGet a dose of daily inspiration with these motivational flasks. These trendy flasks will not only motivate you to drink more water but will also help you a little through life’s tough moments.

Stylish water botlesIn case you haven’t noticed, the water bottle trend is all over Instagram. Water bottles are not just drinkware, they have become a fashion accessory for the millennials. We’ve crafted some ultra-stylish bottles that will instantly give your style quotient a boost!

The best gift for your Instagrammer friend, isn’t it?

motivational water bottlesShow your best friends that you care for them. Gift them these adorable bottles and motivate them to drink more water, every day.

funky snippers

We’re on a mission to make drinking water and juice and everything else, more fun than ever! Show your humorous side to the world with these funky sippers.

That’s not all! There’s a huge collection of quirky bottles, sippers and flasks at Landmark.

In today’s hectic and crazy lifestyle, a lot of us simply forget to drink enough water. With these unique and chic bottles, we hope to inspire you to drink more water and stay healthy. So, pick up your favourite bottle at a Landmark store and quench your thirst with style this summer season.

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