Quest for a perfect mug

Sitting by the window on a warm summer morning. Gazing at the clear blue sky. Sipping strong coffee in my favorite mug. That’s my happy place. Have you found yours yet?

What’s in a mug, you say? We all have a favorite morning beverage- tea, coffee or hot milk. Now imagine starting your day with your favorite beverage in your favorite mug. The world just became a better place, didn’t it? Once you find your favorite mug, you’ll cherish it and value your morning cup of beverage even more.

Mugs add a certain personality to your mornings:

Personalized mugs

Coffee mugs are much more than just cups. They are one of the most personal things in your kitchen. Your choice of mug speaks volumes about your personality. Paisley printed mug for someone with an artistic personality or a mug with a funny one-liner for someone who appreciates humor. Then there are modern yet simple coffee mugs for those who are fans of minimalist designs. To bring out the expressionists in you, there are unique mugs with ornamental tops and handles.

They can be a source of inspiration:

Mugs of inspiration

You can’t control the daily inspirational messages you receive on WhatsApp family groups that may or may not work for you, but you have the freedom to choose what you want to read every morning on your mug. You can use a motivational cup to give you that extra push to conquer the day. Some people even keep a collection of motivational cups and choose them at any given time depending on the type of encouragement they are craving.

Mugs can be a reminder of something special:

Special mugs

Mugs are one of the most common gifts. If we receive them from a beloved person, they automatically acquire a special place in our lives. Looking at the mug every morning reminds of you someone special and that is sure to be a lovely start to the day. Sometimes, we bring back souvenir mugs from our vacations. Every time we drink from that mug, it takes us back to that place, evoking beautiful memories.

They can really wake you up:

Interesting mugs

It’s not just the coffee. Mugs play a role in how your day starts too. Sipping your favorite beverage from your favorite mug is often part of a cozy, comforting routine. It gets you in the moment, where you can sit back, relax, feel the warmth of the cup and sip your tea or coffee. Whether it is to wake yourself up in the morning or to soothe yourself in the evenings, mugs are essential to your daily routine.amazing mugs

Now that you know that mugs can do so much more than merely serve as a cup for your beverage, it’s time to find your favorite mug. Pay a visit to your nearest Landmark store now and check out our amazing collections of mugs. We’re sure you’ll find a mug that can truly reflect something about you.

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