Refresh your home this summer

Give your house a new look this summer season! No, you don’t need to break the bank and buy fancy new furniture. Just changing the colour of your walls and adorning them with cute frames can completely refresh the look of the house. Adding a statement piece of art on your wall can give your home’s style factor a quick boost.

There are some things you should keep in mind to bring out the best style statement from the frames and other art that you will adorn your walls with. If you are hanging wall art over a piece of furniture such as the sofa, bed or table, then make sure the size of the art is the same or lesser than the length of the furniture.

wall framesIf you want to decorate a large empty wall, then choose smaller frames instead of large canvas wall art. The smaller pieces can be laid like a collage or a gallery wall to give your house a contemporary look.

So, get ready to transform your blank walls with these inspirations!

Express yourself:

personalized framesA home that reflects your personality is the best place to live. Let your art do the talking for you. Choose a statement that you truly believe in and bring your walls to life with your emotions.

Get motivated:

motivational framesGive your house a boost of inspiration with motivational frames. Place these frames wherever you feel the need some motivation, whether on the study table or in front of the treadmill.

Get trendy wall frames:

trendy framesDeck up the walls with the latest trend! Put up your favourite pictures or anything cute strung together with a clothespin in a single frame.

Hang it low:

table phpoto framesNot everything needs to be hung up on the wall. Sometimes art is more impactful when it is hung low especially in areas such as the entry. Or you could use some vibrant pieces to complement a sleek console table.

Frame Memories:

memories in framesSpecial moments with your loved ones or an unforgettable vacation. Frame it up! It sure to bring a smile on your face on a gloomy day.

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