5 ways to ensure a fun-filled Holi for kids

Holi Celebrations

Of all the festivals, Holi is the most exciting for kids. It’s fun, it’s messy and there are delicious sweets involved! But it is also a time for parents to get worried as their kids will be exposed to harsh chemicals from playing with colours. But fret not, mommies! There are many ways to ensure that your children have a fun-filled Holi without the harmful effects of chemicals.  We’ve listed some safe activities for you and the kids which are not just fun but will also teach your kids the essence of Holi.

Use Natural colours

holi with natural colors

The safest way to enjoy Holi- make organic colours at home! Not only will you be able to play with colours safely, but you can also have fun with your kids by getting them involved in the process. Teach them how to make different colours by using amla, henna and other natural ingredients. Making the colours at home, together, can be a part of the celebration and a great way for you to bond with your children.

Try fun DIY activities

DIY activities for kids

How about making a DIY Holi T-shirt? Turn their love for colours into something creative like a T-shirt designed exclusively by them! Whether it is simple designs that allow them to get their hands dirty or some complex artistic design, you’ll end up with something that they actually created. You can also encourage them to make Holi greeting cards for their grandparents or friends. Another activity that will make your home Holi-ready, print out a black and white Holi banner and have your kids colour it. Then hang it up somewhere and cherish your kid’s creativity.  

Visit an orphanage

holi in orphanage

Festivals are the ideal time to instil the values of compassion and empathy in your kids and teach them how to share their happiness with others.  Take them to orphanages or old age homes and give them a chance to share their joy and enthusiasm for the festival. Not only will they learn a valuable life lesson, but they will also spread cheer to so many less fortunate people.

Get creative

creative holi art

Colours and creativity go hand-in-hand. Make a holi scrapbook with your kids using lots of colours and make sure to include colourful prints of their little hands and feet. Make this a yearly ritual and you’ll get something you can cherish for years to come. 

Toothbrush painting is another activity loved by toddlers. It doesn’t require much skill but it gets them excited and gives them a chance to get creative, have fun and make a mess! Another fun idea- use old potatoes lying at home to make potato stamp rainbows! Give children some cut potatoes, in whatever shape they like, and some rainbow coloured paint. Encourage them to mix and stamp however they like. You never know, you might just end up with some lovely wall art! 

Get drenched in water

Holi is incomplete without some water fun, isn’t it? In fact, for most children, the freedom to play with water is the most exciting part of Holi. With a huge collection of innovative and fun water guns available at Landmark, your kids will be spoilt for choice. From Spiderman themed water gun with a water storage tank for older kids to simple and traditional water guns for toddlers, there is something for everyone! 

holi water gun

holi toys

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